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- Cobble-stoned squares, passageways, pavements;
- Bricklaying;
- Plastering work;
- Carpentry work;
- Installation of wooden windows;
- Roof constructions, roofing;
- Elevation works: insulation of walls with polystyrene, mineral wool together with plastering;
- Thermal insulation of attics;
- Floor-laying services;
- Floor levelling, self-levelling;
- Water and drainage system services;
- Fixing of bathroom fittings and sanitary ware;
- Maintenance works, repairs and demolition works;
- Replacement of doors and windows;
- Tile laying;
- Laying of wall and floor panels;
- Wallpapering
- Painting services, painting and wallpapering
- Panting with emulsion, acrylic and oil paints;
- Installation of cardboard walls;
- Installation of cardboard celings;
- Dry plastering;
- Arrangement of interiors in cardboard technology;
- Arrangement of free spaces, attics, etc.;
- Implementation of projects;
- Half-circular and circular ceilings;
- Making ceilings according to non-standard designs;
- Hydro- and thermo-insulating works;
- Terraces and balconies, their modernization according to the system pursuant with the technology;
- Concrete works;
- Shorings (according to the customers’ projects);
- Fences;
- Wooden constructions ( garden houses, fences, porches, patios) - according to the customer’s project and imagination;
- Installation of kitchen furniture.

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