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1. Elevation wall
2. Mortar for gluing foam polystyrene
3. Foam polystyrene or mineral wool
4. Glue for wire lath
5. Reinforcing fabric made of glass fibre
6. Impregnating liquid
7. Thin-coated plasters: mineral, acrylic, silicate, silicone ones.

Insulation of buildings.
Buildings lose their heat through their walls and roofs, that is why it is essential to take care of their insulation with a thick layer of a thermal insulating materials.
Nowadays, insulating a wall with 12 or 20 cm thick mineral wool is a standard thing to do.
Insulation of the roof is even more important which implies from the laws of physics – warm air tends to rise.
So, this is worth covering the roofing surface with the minimum of 20 cm insulating layer.
The best solution to the problem is to apply a two-layer insulation system, e.g. URSA DF35 or DF40 20+5 cm.

Is it worth building an energy-safe house?

Unfortunately, there is no one definite answer to this question. The investment in an energy-safe house will surely be more expensive at the construction stage.
It is important to calculate how long it will take to break even.
That is why it is essential to analyze the current prices as well as forecasts regarding the prices of the heating energy.
Surely, it is worth investing in the increase in the insulating performance of outer compartments and ventilation of a recuperator.
It is worth adding an extra layer of mineral wool or polystyrene while insulating walls or the roof and you may benefit financially by 25 – 30%.
The extra costs incurred this way may pay back in 3 – 5 years. However, the depreciation of the investment in the windows “U”<1,0 w/(m2K), solar collectors or heat pumps will have to take several years.
Fireplace – the central part of each house which is associated with the warmth of the home friendly atmosphere may also be the source of savings when it comes to heating. We are a company focused on high quality, implementing reliable technologies which involve constructing of a fire place from the scratch at the customer’s place, without any use of prefabricates. This guarantees reliability and durability of the construction and matching the design of the fireplace with the character of the interiors.

We are able to make each fireplace look stylish and our fireplaces may be open, with a ready-
to-use hearth, with a distribution of heat through the system of air-
conditioning with the use of gravitation force, or with the use of a proper fireplace fan.

We also encase the elements with water jackets connected to the central heating.

Our twenty-year experience in fireplace building guarantees that our customers will get the complete best quality product.

We also do the following works:

- distribution of heated air

- cold air returning systems

- double-coated fireplaces

- compartments of hot air

- artistic elements
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